Bodybuilding is a practice that aims at the development of body muscles from hypertrophism, that is, increase in muscle mass.

Bodybuilding is not considered an official sport, however there are competitions between bodybuilders, to know who owns the body with the most developed muscles.

Bodybuilding, as a form of competition, exists in American and Asian games, however it has not yet been included in the Olympic Games.

In the competitions between the bodybuilders are analyzed mainly the strength, the proportion, the size, the definition and the esthetics of the muscles.

One of the main goals of bodybuilding is the absence of underdeveloped muscles, that is, any muscle structure of the competitor must be at its apex of development.

One of the most well-known bodybuilders is the actor and thirty-first California governor Arnold Schwarzenegger. He used to work hard. Pain relief procedures helped him to get huge results.

Categories of Bodybuilding

There are several specific categories for each type of bodybuilder, whether male or female.

Categories are defined by age, weight and height limits. Competitors who fall into similar groups on these three requirements are eligible to compete in this category.

All categories of bodybuilding competitions are defined by the International Federation of Bodybuilding and Fitness – IFBB.

Natural bodybuilding

Natural bodybuilding is a training method that began to be disseminated in the mid-1990s, as opposed to the habit of bodybuilders to consume anabolic and other drugs to aid muscle hypertrophy.

The training of natural bodybuilding advocates only workout, healthy eating, intake of natural supplements and the abolition of any type of substance that causes “hormonal changes” in the bodybuilder.