Christmas is an oddly paradoxical period of the year for anyone with fitness goals. On the one hand, there is a lot of motivation to keep up with your training and nutrition plans, with Christmas parties, outings with old friends and New Year celebrations around the corner.

On the other hand, there’s the constant excuse “oh, and come on, it’s Christmas after all!” Which in an elusive way leads to the downfall of the diet. Committing to dieting during Christmas may seem like a difficult choice.

Should I give up the form during the holidays?

Christmas Diet: Yes or No?

Christmas is a very extreme time of year in many ways, where we are being bombarded from all sides with suggestions on all the ways we could spend the holidays.

So it’s easy to think that the diet should be all or nothing, but sometimes the best way to stick to your plans is to give yourself respite and work on Christmas calories.

Will it stick with my Diet at Christmas to make me boring?

Do not stare at the Christmas aspects of food and drink. It can be discouraging to think that you could waste all the hard work done, but the beauty of Christmas is not just gorging like a skin.

Walking around the Christmas markets, spending time with loved ones, watching Christmas specials and Mum, I lost the plane 1, 2 and 3 … these are the classic Christmas pastimes and it is not necessary to fill up with food to spend the holidays joyous. You do not have to shut up at home to stay in shape.

4 Tips

Here are 4 tips to follow to keep your shape during the Christmas holidays!

  1. Sweat

First of all, if you are planning to take extra calories, intensify your cardio workout. If you can not go to the gym because you’re going to visit friends or family for Christmas, at least bring your racing gear with you.

This will not only allow you to burn the Christmas cake or vin brûlé, but it will also remind you of the route taken so far, making it less tempting to leave everything aside during the holidays.

Some HIITs are not only very effective for burning fat but also short, so you can easily slip even among the thousand social commitments. Morning workouts are usually the best ones to make sure you sweat a little before you get comfortable or distract yourself.

  1. Replace the good to the bad

There are lots of Christmas diets that can satisfy your cravings, including our Christmas whey protein, which are REALLY useful for limiting calories and boosting your workouts effectively, while adding a little of Christmas spirit!

If you do not have your alternatives close at hand, the apps that track calories, like MyFitnessPal, can help you decide between the various options available.

Combine the taste with fitness goals even during the holidays with our protein recipes!

  1. Eat, drink and be happy

Make sure you take plenty of water and enough right foods. It might seem obvious, especially if you’ve had success with your nutritional plan so far, but it’s absurd how fast you can give up when you change your routine over Christmas.

As you know, water is the key to making sure your body does not think you’re more hungry than you actually have. Likewise, taking the right portions of protein and other essential foods in your nutritional plan will help you avoid sugar spikes or collapses that could lead to a binge, and you’ll be less tempted to overdo Christmas sweets.

Try to keep your routine even during the Christmas holidays and you will see that you will then feel much more motivated to follow your schedule.

  1. Be realistic

Christmas may also ignite our love of magic and fiction, but Santa Claus will not bring you an improved version of yourself down the chimney if you cheated on your diet and workouts at Christmas.

If you decide to take a break from fitness for the holiday season, you have to accept that you will lose progress – it will sound harsh, but be prepared that your usual workout will seem a little harder the first week of return, which it will help you to resume your routine less abruptly.

Merry Christmas and happy, healthy holidays to all people on a diet!