There is nothing worse than being sick during the holiday season.

Winter is cold and dark, and you really have to be careful to avoid sniffing, while the sled bells start ringing. But do not despair… we have a sock full of tips to keep you healthy even during the colder months.

  1. Stock up on blueberries

Blueberry sauce is one of the highlights of Christmas dinner in differnet countries, and blueberries are great allies of the immune system.

They are rich in vitamin C, which strengthens the immune system. In particular, vitamin C is above all a valid help when it comes to a common cold.

They are also a good source of proanthocyanidins, which help prevent urinary tract infections in women.

If blueberries are not your thing, ask Santa to bring oranges, strawberries, lemons or even Brussels sprouts.

  1. Keep your heart rate up

As we all know, exercise strengthens the heart and pumps blood throughout the body at a higher rate.

This provides more oxygen to your organs and muscles. In this way the cells of the body that fight harmful bacteria will get a boost!

This makes them more adept at discovering potential colds and viruses that have crept into your system.

Studies suggest that this impulse lasts only for a couple of hours after exercise, but if you exercise regularly, it may be all you need to prevent any problems before they develop.

  1. Manage your rest well

Being tired is undoubtedly a sure way to catch a cold during the holiday season.

So make sure you manage your sleep well, in the same way you do your exercises.

You should aim to sleep 8 hours per night to get the best rest and recovery. Reading a book or a magazine, lighting a scented and relaxing candle are as essential as repetitions in the gym.

  1. Go slowly

For many alcoholic drinks are an integral part of the winter season.

However, if you really want to avoid vacation sickness, you will have to abstain from the hangover.

By drinking too much alcohol, your body will be so focused on expelling toxins that it will have very little energy available to fight the creeping cold.

However, a 2013 Medical News Today study found that in moderation, alcohol can actually help strengthen the body’s bacteria that protect it from external threats.

I do not think 6 shots of sambuca are exactly what they mean, but a glass of wine or beer should definitely be allowed.

  1. Do not stop training

It’s a common problem: when we stop training for a couple of days, resuming becomes more difficult, it’s psychological.

Professor Cary Cooper, of the University of Lancaster, says that taking a break from work can have a negative effect if done too quickly: “the immune system works better when we are under pressure, so when our bodies have deadlines ‘knows’ that he can not afford to get sick. When we take a break, it’s like saying to our immune system that we’re no longer under pressure … so we can get sick now. “

But do not worry, you do not need to cancel all your vacation requests. Just keep some elements of your workout.

Get up at the same time as usual and keep your training plan. You will see that you will not regret it!