Anabolic steroids are the male sex hormones androsterone and testosterone and their derivatives. They are secreted by the male and female reproductive apparatuses to promote the harmonious growth of the body and increase muscle mass and strength during puberty. Therefore they are hired by many athletes. But the action and the amount of hormones produced by the body are regulated by natural mechanisms that are altered by excessive intake.

Doping is not enough. Many studies have shown that there are no significant differences in muscle mass and power between groups of athletes who take these substances and those who practice a normal workout. The actual increase in volume and muscle strength are therefore not due to the pure and simple administration of steroids, but they occur if you follow intense training and an appropriate diet at the same time. The increase in muscle due to steroids in these conditions depends on the liquids retained in the tissues.

By suspending the administration and training, the muscles deflate rapidly due to the loss of excess fluid.

A dangerous “sport”. Medical research on thousands of athletes who have abused steroids have revealed numerous side effects:

  • testes reduced in size and function, with loss of sexual desire and fertility,
  • breast augmentation in men, masculinization in women (change of voice, increased hair and breast reduction),
  • chronic inflammation of the liver and hypertension, with greater risk of cancer and cardiovascular disorders.

Athletes often take on artificially produced steroids convinced that synthesized products only have effects on muscle development. But so far there are no synthetic molecules able to maintain some effects and eliminate others.