In the service aired and realized by the new Iena Alessandro Politi, it is explained how to be able to get anabolic steroids to be able to easily develop a gym physically. First of all, the damage that the body can receive due to the use of these substances is highlighted, so there is an analysis of how a doctor can safely prescribe prohibited drugs, accessible at relatively low costs as 165 euro supplies. But different substances that can be prescribed by a simple medical prescription, can have a very dangerous but equally effective effect for those who want to pump their body. Like Lasix, a powerful diuretic that can cause kidney damage if taken without a real need, but which can shape the muscles to the extreme. Or the prescription of ephedrine, which reduces fatigue and allows you to double the exercises done in the gym. And the doctor asked by the hyenas is even able to direct the places where to buy the prohibited substances, depending on their economic availability. The service closes with the testimony of a boy (who also witnessed the death of a gym partner) who had serious health problems such as gynecomastia (breast growth in a male individual) due to the abuse of steroids. (by Fabio Belli)

Anabolics in Europe

Anabolic steroids are at the center of recent controversy because of their mass distribution. The market has experienced a significant increase in recent years, alarming considering that these are illegal substances and that the traffic in the Italian territory alone is around 245 million euro. To better understand the reason for this increase, the origin of anabolic steroids should be considered, which according to the NAS would be imported illegally from abroad before ending up in two particular outlet centers. One, perhaps the best known, is the gym. In fact many bodybuilders or users looking for a physical improvement of great impact, to take this particular type of substances thanks to injections or pills. This evening, Wednesday, March 14, 2018, Le Hyenas will deepen the topic thanks to the service of Alessandro Politi, who will interview the Lieutenant Colonel Andrea Zapparoli, at the head of the Operations Department of the NAS and various medical specialists. According to the latest surveys, one of the most popular environments to find anabolic steroids is also the web, thanks to sites easily accessible and present abroad, where the medical prescriptions do not include restrictions such as in our country. For this reason, no medical prescription is required, despite the introduction in Italy of this particular type of drugs, however, provides for laws created ad hoc and that include the approval of specialized doctors as endocrinologists.

Finding anabolic steroids on the internet is a business that anyone can accomplish. Just choose the type of drug, divided into injectables and tablets, and then immediately switch to payment. Often these are sites that on the fa├žade promise more support to bodybuilders and those who want to improve their bodies. The method of recruitment varies depending on the type of result you want to achieve: this in appearance, but what’s behind it? It should be remembered that anabolic steroids are for all intents and purposes medications, which include important side effects, such as an overload of kidneys and liver, diseases related to the blood system and in the best of hair loss situations. A few days ago, the FSAI, the Irish Health Authority, warned about the distribution of food supplements that include the presence of dangerous active substances, steroids taken by unsuspecting consumers and detected in various products sold online. To report the problem in Italy is Giovanni D’Agata, president of the Rights Window through the official portal of the non-profit organization: the list of dangerous drugs was introduced by WADA, the Agency that is responsible for coordinating the fight against doping in the world of sports. To date it is not clear, however, whether this sale has also been disseminated in Italy.


In the last month of January, a particular episode related to the sale of anabolic steroids and gyms was highlighted. In fact, a 38-year-old instructor was reported in Casarano, in the province of Lecce, after being found in possession of drugs bought abroad. The personal trainer of Marina di Salve has been accused for receiving stolen goods and violating the law that regulates the use and distribution of doping drugs, in addition to illegal importation of the same from abroad. The man was stopped after a check-up in his gym, regularly registered as an activity, and he was kidnapped by hundreds of tablets of different brands and of foreign origin, of which he had no authorization to trade in Italy. One of the many episodes that of Casarano that has alarmed the authorities of our country regarding the under-sales of anabolic steroids in gyms, a real sorting center. This is just one of many cases, if one thinks of the recent arrest of the personal trainer Edoardo Pricca which took place in Europe last December. The massage therapist, had aroused suspicions following an attack in the house and found in the end in possession of several vials of Nandrolone, one of the most popular anabolic steroids among bodybuilders.